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Delete After Reading

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Delete After Reading (by Patrones & Escondites)

A book you can play, or a game you can read, Delete After Reading is an original storytelling format for armchair detectives and escape room fans of all ages.

On the worst day of your life, you find a strange device with a file named “Delete After Reading”.

It’s a classified document. Nina, Cinco, and Tomate, a clandestine group of kids (they happen to be dead, but they’ve never let that small detail interfere with their daily, uh, lives) want you to join them on a secret mission to repair Destiny’s latest injustice: the despised millionaire Martin Skrilhex has stolen the only existing copy of the highly coveted videogame “The Curse of Penguin Island” so only he can play it.

Delete After Reading

Together you’ll have to sneak into the magnate’s mansion and steal back the videogame, so kids around the world can play it.

Delete After Reading

But this mission will only be successful if Destiny does not find out that you are changing his plans, so never ever forget to delete the file after reading it.

Delete After Reading

Main features:
– Unravel the story by completing 5 Chapters.
– The first chapter is free to try.
– Text is the gameplay, a fantastic and innovative mix of interactive reading, story, and escape room puzzles.
– An immersive storytelling format that broadens the view of what games (and books) could be.
– A thrilling adventure story for the whole family.

Delete After Reading
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