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Demole RPG – NFT/P2E

Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Demole RPG (by Demole)

Demole RPG is an online turn-based combat game. The game offers players challenges and discoveries. Especially, Demole RPG allows you to earn in-game cryptocurrency. With youthful and beautiful graphics, Demole Game is also designed to be friendly to all ages, suitable for all gamers. Now let your heroes attack!

Demole RPG

Explore the Demole Metavenese universe
Join Demole RPG to experience the Demole universe with many challenges to explore.
With 5 races are Dragon – Fairy – Ghost – Tree and Fish… With beautiful graphics will immerse you in the world of mobile games. From large maps for players to explore the wide world, tactics to arrange squads, recruit members. All create a colorful role-playing strategy game. Rich character system with a massive list of skills.

Demole RPG

A rich number of Heroes to choose from with 68 companions and will be continuously updated through new versions
Heroes with strength qualities. initially from 1-5 stars with different qualities. With many roles such as Tanker, Support, Damage.
Qualities are divided into 2 types : Elite and Legend, Heroes will be divided into many different qualities. The higher the quality, the greater the fighting power. The champion’s quality will affect the use of puzzle pieces to recruit champions.

Demole RPG
Demole RPG

– PVP Challenge: allows players to fight right in the main map of the game
– Personal Tournament PVP: be the top and get rewards
– Guild war: Join a clan, chat with all the members and grow your clan to become the strongest clan with your friends
– Equipment Upgrades: Fine-tune gear, upgrade partners, and pets to make your journeys and challenges easier
Check our official Website and Community Platform for further information of Demole RPG NFT.


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Demole RPG
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