Demon Hunter

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 데몬헌터 (by Eskyfun Entertainment)

In a dark fantasy world full of monsters
Hunters who only hunt demons…
Enjoy the primal pleasure of an MMORPG with endless farming!

Free Control Time
Automatic assistant, offline mode, hunting and fast growth without waiting!


Free Boss Defeat
Your own exclusive boss! Anyone can craft an epic set with a 100% drop rate!

Free call gateway
An unexpected gate that can be thrown at any time, accumulate 100,000 diamonds and pay up to VIP10 for free!


Free PC area
MMORPG is also a taste of siege! Seize territory behind strong gates!

Loosely Decorated Appearance
Unloaded looks cool! Get loads of costumes, wings and mounts by checking attendance!


Freely Transformable Shape
Colossal 99+ kinds of soul cards, powerful transformations and skills help!

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