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Demon’s Secret Treasure (TH)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Demon’s Secret Treasure (by Gamax Plus Co.,Ltd.)

In the primeval age, gods and demons teamed up to fight mages.
Until the veil of heaven is dissolved, the angel said that he had given up to protect the world.
And the position of the gods is empty, time to practice the Sian Way to step up to the divine position! .. “

Fantasy MMOPRG adventure game in the world of battle.
Thai voice from the leading Thai dubbing team and full support for Thai language!
Main system in the game

Freely makeup and dressing system

Players can freely customize their characters ‘faces, including face shapes, hair colors, eyes, tattoos, and players can also customize their characters’ outfits to wear different outfits and customize their colors. Of costumes too, so the characters are definitely unique!
Fairy system

Demon's Secret Treasure

How nice would it be if there was a daemon to assist in the attack and also support the character’s versatility better than ever.
Soul Card System

Cast the spirits of the fiercest monsters, seal them into cards, armor, and power up our characters!
Spirit Training System

Demon's Secret Treasure

Cultivate the profound energy level from the heavens, increase the character’s root power level to become more powerful, and cultivate more gods!
Skill system

Superior with 4 skill modes, adjust as you like, want to fight, want to fight, want to go, want to support, choose to adjust as you like
Demon Lord System (PK)

Demon's Secret Treasure

Freely chase and kill opponents in different modes and in every location. But beware, if you go into murder mode and have an evil charge, it could be punished by the thunder from the Divine Master!
10-storey boss tower system

Find friends to party, challenge to prove advanced monsters, complete all 10 levels and get advanced equipment rewards.
Office system

Demon's Secret Treasure

Gather alliances, build schools and fight for the land, show your unity in the underworld.
Student teacher system

It would be nice to have a teacher in guiding the worlds, or if it was you who had gained the skill, you could turn yourself into someone else’s teacher as well.

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Demon's Secret Treasure
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