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Destiny Saga

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Destiny Saga (by DOCOOL LIMITED)

Destiny saga is an action game that combines roguelike and RPG elements. Players will take on the role of protagonist Rosen and explore the dangerous Montereys continent to find the source of the Xorc crisis.

Game story background:
Sixteen years ago, the Montereys continent suffered a disaster from the Xorc crisis. The protagonist Rosen, with only a clue – a core chip from sixteen years ago, explores the continent again with his friends, trying to find out the cause of the crisis.

Game features:
Rich Roguelike elements:
Each dungeon exploration is a new experience. The dungeon has rich Roguelike elements, equipment, materials, and gold coins, which can all be found in the dungeon.

Destiny Saga

Carefully crafted action system:
The game provides an exciting action game experience, with hardcore impact and feedback that can make you feel passionate. The unique combo system also makes the game’s combat strategy more advanced.

Destiny Saga

Rich task growth curve:
With equipment level upgrades, breakthroughs in character level, and the awakening of the original force, there are rich growth dimensions that allow you to have unlimited possibilities to operate your hero.

Destiny Saga

Xorigin Force Zone:
The Domain of Source system allows you to challenge different enemies with your current team and defeat them one by one until you fall! You need to challenge multiple times to get better results and compete with players worldwide.

Get ready to experience unlimited fun with destiny saga on your mobile device!
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Available: Google Play – MY

Destiny Saga

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