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Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS- Region: the US and Canada

The description of Devil Book (by NGEL GAMES)

 Devil Book is a classic adventure MMO game.
The more you play, the more you will be drawn to the graphics resembling a fairytale with an exciting action!

Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO

Fun character development
Use a combination of characters and various skills
and get immersed in exciting battles with your opponent!

Various field and fascinating monsters
Exciting forest, snow, desert and lava battlefields!
Cool and fun battles take place in all these diverse environments!

Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO

Fun story and world
A collection of heroes from various dimensions come together to fight.
Begin your adventure now to find the lost ‘Book of Fate’!

More than 100 pieces of collectible equipment and upgrades
Unique abilities are now collectible!
Equipment’s look will change as you progress!

Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO

Character dye system
Create your own colorful and personalized character!
Try to make your own clothes in your own style!

A fun community
Play and hangout together with your friends inside the game!
And create a party to clear missions and have an exciting adventure together!

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community
Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO
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