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Devil Note 2: Raiders Saga

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 데빌노트2: 레이더스 사가 (by Anic Inc.)

An exciting and immersive adventure MMORPG, ‘Devil Note 2: Raiders Saga’
In a mysterious world overrun by zombies, find valuable treasures buried underground!

Exploration in the mysterious and dangerous underground world
Battle in a huge haunted cave,
Beware of the unidentified being in the dark!

Customize your character with your own style
Detailed customization with a lot of freedom,
Create your own irreplaceable character!

데빌노트2: 레이더스 사가

Combat power rapidly increases by making the strongest equipment
Free high-end equipment production,
Grow quickly at will!

데빌노트2: 레이더스 사가

Defeat boss monsters and obtain large rewards
Defeat powerful bosses,
Feel the pleasure of farming high-end equipment!

데빌노트2: 레이더스 사가

A fierce fight to protect the honor of the Kowloon Society
A thrilling battle to take first place,
Experience the fun of fighting together!

데빌노트2: 레이더스 사가

The strongest lineup of the 9 major factions with high SSR drop rate
Easy gathering of colleagues to fight together,
Create the best lineup on the server!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – Korea


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