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Devil’s Ambition

Soft Launch

💡Platform – Android | Ios (RU)

The description of Devil’s Ambition (by Abjuice)

Welcome! My Master.
You will be the “Demon King” in this game. The “Heroes” are your enemies. Please summon the servants for helping you to defeat the heroes and conquer the world.

Easy Idle Gameplay
Set up your team and your servants will combat for you automatically.
Gain rewards when offline and upgrade your team when online.
10 minutes a day keeps the enemies away and the crown in hand.

Devil's Ambition

Summon and collect the 100+ Servants
Goddess of Death – Hela, Son of God – Thor and other 100+ servants from 6 races.
All of them have their own powerful skills and abilities.As well as they suppressed by each other, it needs your strategy for matching them.

Devil's Ambition

Rich Training Gameplay
Forge your gears and weapons, upgrade them with gems and magic.
Upgrade your servants, equip SSS weapons and armors.
100% return the upgrade resources after resetting the servants.

Devil's Ambition

Rich Gameplay and RPG Experience
Elder Tree, Dark Abyss,Dimensional exploring…Explore and challenge the 1000+ Stages.
Experience the funny stories between the “Demon King” and the servants.

Devil's Ambition

PVP and Guilds Wars
PK with the other players from all over the world.
Build or join the guild, team up with the global players and challenge the guild boss.
Join in the exciting guild war, fight for the honour and loot!

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Devil's Ambition

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