Diablo 3D

Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 暗黑3D (by LiJohn)

Origin of story
The gods created the realm of Ethan in the chaos, the god Mor created the world, and Sullun and Shami were born. The two goddesses together give life to the earth, and Gaia, the mother of the earth, is the embodiment of the world of Ethan. However, the original order of the Ethan Continent has now fallen apart, and then the gods of each lineage are only reborn in the new continent. Among the gods, there are hidden evil gods, and they are eyeing the new world.

In this epic magical continent full of black elements, in a world ravaged by monsters and dominated by demons, you will be a beam of light that pierces the darkness and brings dawn and light to the earth.


Game Features

There are a lot of resources and weapons waiting for you to unlock in the adventure mode

The friend chat function has been upgraded, and more cool fashions have been launched. Pull the wind and flirt with girls to help you interact intimately inside and outside the game

Dark Sky Domain has fully broken through the upper limit of mobile game picture quality, and enjoy the thrill of visual impact

Various activities are opened regularly every day, and the super real combat gameplay will immerse you in it

Players can compete in the cross-server battlefield, win the supreme throne, and compete for the supreme artifact

Game Highlights

Visual feast of sound, light and strike
The team is fully built, cross-generation combat experience!
Cool skill effects, full-screen large-scale skill blasting!


Wild taming, recruiting partners from all over the world
Magical cool pets are waiting for you!
Brave and handsome golden dragon, cool and domineering mount, show off your coolest and cutest pet!


Multi-social, enthusiastic adventure journey
Meet love at the corner, unite brothers, and let the social gameplay regain the original touch of MMO!
Team up for witch hunt, pantheon, couple trials, guardian goddess, go online every day to end loneliness, and start an adventure chapter together!

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/anhei3D/

Available: Google Play – TW, HK, SG


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