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💡Platform – Android

The description of Dicepon (by Moraksoft)

It’s no longer a board game that relies solely on the luck of the dice!

The key to victory is what number you choose, rather than dice luck!
You should look at the location of your opponents, me, and stamps, and plan your winning strategy.
At the perfect moment, put your opponents at bay and experience a thrilling turnaround.
You must dominate the flow of the game with a sophisticated strategy to win.


Collect cute, diverse characters!
There are over 50 different characters in Dicepon.
Use your favorite character to get a battle bonus.

Build a Dice Town that fits your reputation!
Develop and decorate your town with your own personality.
The more your town develops, the higher your ranking and reputation.
There is only one big and nice crown!
Challenge the number one global!

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