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Diesel Pirates

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The description of Diesel Pirates

Ready yourself, Captain! In a thrilling head-to-head clash of naval fleets, Diesel Pirates puts the strategic command of an armada at your fingertips. Control Ships and Heroes in real-time to defeat players from around the world. Lay waste to enemy Capital Ships, then sail away with your loot to revel in glorious victory!

Diesel Pirates

The ocean world of Solas awaits. Create your Lost Fleet with combinations of Fighter, Bruiser, Broadside, and Sniper ships. Take full tactical control once your ships are in the water to advance on your enemy, then deploy Hero Powers from unique Heroes such as Captain Fleming and Inquisitor Pandora to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

All this and more awaits in this exclusive test market launch of Diesel Pirates!

* Thrilling head-to-head naval combat
* Real-time PvP competition – battle Captains from all over the world
* Individual ship control – deploy your fleet then steer ships as they advance
* Purchase the Season Pass Subscription to double your rewards
* Collect and upgrade Heroes from three unique factions

Diesel Pirates
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