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Digit & Dash – GameClub

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The description of Digit & Dash

Digit & Dash is an amazing adventure about a robot and alien who are separated by a mutant hot dog. The only way they can reunite is to keep on running and jumping until they reach that nasty hot dog and teach it a lesson! Take control of both heroes at once as they leap and dash through dozens of stages filled with nasty obstacles and fiendish foes.

Digit & Dash - GameClub

Digit and Dash may be split up, but they can still give each other a boost with some well-timed ground pounds. You’ll need quick reflexes and a sharp mind to keep both of our heroes safe. Collect molecules and badges to master each stage, or just focus on reaching the end intact. Visit five different worlds, each packed with its own challenging tricks and dangers. With simple controls, Digit & Dash couldn’t be easier to play. Coordinating the duo well enough to see them reunited is another matter entirely! Are you up to the task?

Digit & Dash - GameClub

Double the Heroes: Take control of Digit and Dash, an alien and a robot who have been driven apart by a wicked mutant hot dog!

Digit & Dash - GameClub

Double the Power: Run, jump, and ground-pound your way through challenging obstacle courses. Slam into the ground with good timing to reach new heights!

Double the Danger: Wrap your brain around controlling two characters at the same time. Try to avoid hazards and defeat the enemies that block your way!

Double the Fun: Master the moves with easy-to-learn controls! Synchronize between left and right and get into the rhythm of this unique action-arcade experience.

Double the Adventure: Visit 5 different worlds, each with its own look and feel. Make your way through dozens of stages and try to collect all of the goodies to master them!

Digit & Dash - GameClub
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