Dimensional Princess: Prologue

Official Launch(SEA) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dimensional Princess: Prologue (by MojitoGames)

What game is “Dimensional Princess”?

The Real RPG for the Busy Modern People
– Leave it idle whenever you are busy!
– Auto Attack, Auto Skill, Auto Power Saving, All 100% Ready!
– The character still grows fast by itself even you are AFK and offline!

Dimensional Princess: Prologue

Monster Defense Never Stops
– Defend, defend, and keep defending.
– Protect the Dimensional Princess from The devil’s evil plans!
– Orcs, Goblins, and The Devil… Powerful monsters are on the way!

Rule A Fantasy World With Just A Finger
– Touch, touch, and keep touching.
– Feel spectacular action with minimal control!
– Complicated and repetitive quests, now completed with just a touch!

Dimensional Princess: Prologue

Guardian Knight / Dark Ranger / Berserker / Black Mage
– Change, change, and keep changing classes.
– No forced class change! Select your preferred class!
– Enjoy various breathtaking skills and fighting styles for each class!

Rebirth System Makes You Even Stronger
– Revive, revive, and keep reviving.
– If you find climbing stages difficult, revive with a gold spoon in your mouth!
– Our levels may be the same, but I’m a pro who revived 10 times!

Dimensional Princess: Prologue

Hundreds Of Equipment and Accessories
– Merge, merge and keep merging.
– Equipment and accessories drop endlessly – Collect and merge them all at once!
– I already got a super rare sword and a ring?!

Various Contents That Never End
– Dynamic PvP battles with users from over 100 countries worldwide!
– Boast your strength in the Arena Rankings!
– Enjoy endless contents such as Dimensional Rift, Tower of Trials, and Altar of Heroes!

Official Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/DimensionalPrincessPE/

Available: Google Play – SEA

Dimensional Princess: Prologue

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