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Divine Descent

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Divine Descent (by Onlygames HK)

In a world teetering on the edge of destruction, the malevolent Demons emerged, threatening to bring about the collapse of humanity.

The valiant Light God-Sol, engaged in a decisive battle against this dark force. Tragically, Sol failed during the confrontation, his soul shattered into six fragments by the Demons’ mighty hammer. These fragmented soul shards were sealed away on the mysterious Iost Island the s .

As the dark Era Dawned, Humanity Faced ITS Darkest Hour. The only hope in defEating the demon restoring balance. TERS, Forming An Alliance to RECLAIM The SHATRERED SOUL FRAGMENTS and AWAKEN The Slumbering Light God. Will the Island Hunters succeed in awakening the Light God and bringing about a new era of light and prosperity?

The fate of humanity rests in their hands as they embark on this epic quest.

Divine Descent provides multiple occupations for you to choose from, and each occupation has its own characteristics, such as hunter, who pursues the ultimate strength, and lyn, who pursues gorgeous attacks with both elegance and strength. Choose the one that suits you accor ding to your preferences, Career and go on a journey!

Divine Descent

Thousands of people with the same heart can gain the power of thousands of people, and thousands of people with different hearts can not be used by anyone! Find like-minded friends in Divine Descent, challenge more challenging dungeons together, and defeat those powerful bosses

Divine Descent

Many high-value and high-attribute battle pets are waiting for you to collect, activate the bond between battle pets, awaken their exclusive talents, control this power well, reverse the situation of the battle, and defeat the enemy

Divine Descent

Fight all day, with a super high probability of dropping treasures. By defeating the boss, you can get magical weapons, climb to the peak of combat power, and save the world

Divine Descent

Relying on each other with you, life and death go hand in hand!

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Divine Descent
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