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Django – an Adventure Story

Official Launch Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Django (by Molfar Digital)

A point and click adventure game set in a brand new fantasy world. This is an atmospheric story game that will tell you about the fascinating journey of a young hunter named Jango.

Solve puzzles, take part in the protagonist’s adventures, find hidden objects and discover a storyline with mystical plot twists.

Jango is an adventure puzzle game, the first version of which will plunge you into the ame history of the world of Zarimos, here’s a minor fraction of the enormous story:

Django - an Adventure Story

“The harsh and unforgiving lands of Zarimos have been deserted for hundreds of years, and the Beastars are to blame. Huge beast-like creatures that invaded the North hundreds of years ago, turning the great cities into ruins and taking the lives of their inhabitants. After that, the Beastars began to rule the vast lands of the north, furiously tearing apart anything foolish enough to enter their domain.

Django - an Adventure Story

Only the Rodan family dared to challenge the rulers of the north. This family of hunters have been fighting the Beastars for centuries, gradually clearing the northern lands of these bloodthirsty monsters. Many of them gave their lives for the common cause – the deliverance of Zarimos from this ancient threat.

Django - an Adventure Story

This adventure game is about one of the family’s hunters – Jango Rodan, who is sent to Zarimos to fulfill his family duty.”

It’s up to you to unravel the mystery of the Beastars’ origin. Look for hidden objects in the game, restore long-lost artifacts, solve riddles – all to get closer to the truth.

Django - an Adventure Story

Play this point and click adventure game, discover new plot developments and enjoy this fascinating mystical story.

Django - an Adventure Story
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