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Doki Doki Palace

Official Launch – EU, NA

💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Doki Doki Palace (by Wenli Li)

Welcome come to the entirely new otherworld.You will meet various consorts and subordinates, as well as enemies. Exclusive adventure awaits you!

A powerful otherworldly magical pull summons you to a new world!

When you arrived at the otherworld, you suddenly found that you’d become a demon king and possessed extraordinary power, however, your country is in crisis. You need to lead your army and subordinates to defend the demon country and write your own legend!

Game Features

·Recruit capable people of various races, train them, then let these warriors fight for you.

·Play in various cities in this otherworld, meet beautiful magical consorts, and start your own romantic story with them.

Doki Doki Palace

·Achieve extraordinary things in the otherworld, hold grand celebrations, invite friends to celebrate together, and reap the rewards of fame and gifts.

·Work together with your friends to explore various secret areas, defeat monsters, and find treasure chests.

Doki Doki Palace

·Participate in various festive events, experience a rich, vivid plot, and win beautiful outfits for your magical consorts.

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Doki Doki Palace
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