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Donna Brave: And The Deathly Tree

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Donna Brave (by Mad Head Games doo Novi Sad)

Begin a stunning detective mystery set in the gorgeous world of the Art Deco epoche! With Donna Brave: And the Deathly Tree, you will be transported into a world of mystery, danger, and stunning beauty.

You start the game as Donna Brave. She just receives a cryptic letter asking for her help, this time from her childhood friend Kathy. As she arrives at her house on the outskirts of Vienna, she finds she might already be late. The nefarious plot had already started claiming the first victims.

The monstrous tree has extended its crawling reach all over the house, and Donna is the only one with half a chance to stop it. Can Donna Brave stop the dread plan from unfolding to its furthest extent? The life of her dearest friend is at stake! Are you ready to face a monstrous threat?
Have you got the wits and the will to counter it?
Are you Brave enough?


Donna Brave: And The Deathly Tree

Donna Brave: And the Deathly Tree is loaded with immersive and exciting puzzle challenges, all designed in the theme of the game. Each one offers nothing short of a rich casual gaming experience.


Donna Brave: And The Deathly Tree

Vienna holds many wonders, but in this game, it comes with countless dangers as well. Traverse them all to get to the truth!


Donna Brave: And The Deathly Tree

As the mystery of the main game comes to a successful conclusion, you’ll face another serious case. Complete the bonus chapter to see it play out until the end.

Donna Brave: And The Deathly Tree
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