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Doom Simulator

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Doom Simulator (by ICLOCKWORK PTE LTD)

After waking from a deep slumber, you find yourself the only survivor in this shelter. Now you have to survive in this post-doomsday and embark on an unknown journey to find your missing sibling! During the journey, you’ve got endless choices to make and each of them may bring you a completely different story! You can customize your own look and experience exciting boss fights. You may meet talented buddies and adopt loyal pets. Moreover, our diverse collection system and interesting mini-games will never make you bored/ never make you feel bored! Feeling excited? Start your adventure now to solve the puzzle!

Doom Simulator

What’s the story?
You awaken from a deep slumber, surrounded by dead silence. It seems like you are in a shelter but no vital signs are shown from other resting chambers… People around you are dead and your sibling is missing. There is no time for you to be scared or desperate. You decide to pick up your weapon and embark on an unknown journey!

Doom Simulator

The world outside is full of danger – mutated animals, robber exiles, infected zombies-like humans and invisible plots… However, there is also warmth and love on the way – buddies, pets, amazing encounters and a stronger yourself…

Doom Simulator

What makes the game special?
An interactive storyline based on your different choices.
Customized character designs and the thrill of uncertainty.
Exciting battles with various bosses.
A diverse collection system including weapons, skins, events and so on.
Creative buddy and pet designs enrich your game experience.
A variety of interesting mini-games.

Doom Simulator

Who is behind the catastrophe? Could you rescue the people you love? What stories will you create? What adventure will you encounter?

Start your mystery journey now and solve the challenging riddle!

Doom Simulator
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