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Doomsday Rider

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Doomsday Rider (by Xiaoniu Technology)

You’ll play a wandering motorbiker who fights to save his girlfriend.
• Play Eric to form a rescue team with the other survivors, and embarks on a riding adventure.
• Following the clues, the rescue team will go all the way to the north along the west coast of the U.S.: they will cross the continental highway, the coniferous forest, the snow town and countless scenes of different styles. You will be enjoying and immersed in a visual feast!
• Zombies of bizarre shapes and lethal and horrible mutant monsters bring you thrill and excitement. And your goal is: kill them all!

The romance of a modern time knight
• Easy to learn and handle. You just need to swipe to control your motorbike to jump, roll and crash the zombies!
• Gain Cash along the road and buy firearms and ammo. Arm yourself to prevail!
• You can also loot gears which can further increase your strength. Put on armor and become impregnable!
• Each safehouse gives you a chance to improve your abilities. Get creative and make a whole new powerful self!

The Mechanic—Eric Ride: Steel Beast

Eric is a motorcycle fanatic who owns a motorcycle repair shop. For him, it’s not only a way of making a living. He enjoys doing modification drawings, which have brought many old parts to new life. When the zombie apocalypse started, he was talking to his little girlfriend—a bank clerk—on the call. The signal went dead after he heard a call for help from the other end. Eric was so worried that he rushed into his garage and rode on his “Steel Beast” and headed toward Catherine’s bank located in the other side of the city. The rumble of his motorcycle announced his resolution to save Catherine.

Doomsday Rider

The Bank Clerk—Catherine
Catherine is Eric’s little girlfriend, a junior bank clerk. Their relationship didn’t go very well. They always quarreled over different opinions. This zombie apocalypse accidentally cut off her contact with Eric. The vagrant life changed her from a weak clerk to a fearless warrior. Later, she even stepped out for Eric and the others and saved them when they were in trouble. But she seems to have hidden something. Whenever Eric found her, she disappeared secretly.

Doomsday Rider

The Private First Class—Johnson Ride: Spinosaurus
A black specialist, strong, hard, taciturn, an ex-Navy Seal. While he was on the way back from a mission to the country by sea, the zombie apocalypse broke out on the ship. Luckily, he managed to escape by a raft. Now his only goal is to return to the headquarters in Washington DC and hand the intel to the general. He hopes that he can be approved to retire to look after his old single mother after this “ultimate mission”.

Doomsday Rider

The Popular Star—Monica Ride: Bloody Mary
A popular singer, prideful, cold and mean. Her motto is: Only incapable men think women as gold diggers, and only unattractive women think men as playboys. When the plague broke out, she was singing on the stage. When zombies swarmed onto the stage, she lifted the equipment and smashed their heads. To her, sabotaging her performance is the greatest sin.

The Intern Doctor—Elaine Ride: The Sacred Envoy
A freshwoman of the medical college. Her freckles and white coat are her icons. She is a timid and ordinary girl, but sometimes she’d become brave. She likes teddy bears and always carries one on her back. When the plague broke out, she didn’t trust anyone until she met Eric’s team…

Doomsday Rider
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