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Doomsday Survival2-Zombie Game

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Doomsday Survival2-Zombie Game (by ApotheosisPro)

A brand new zombie shooting game. Get ready to step into this journey and have fun!
You will be taken to a post apocalyptic world full of crazy zombies, where your survival is on the line.
The walking dead far outnumbers you and any slip-up will get you in dire straits!
Killing all the zombies is your only way to survive.
Take your gun, use unlimited skill combos to fight against the zombie hordes.
Recruit new survivor heroes to your team and upgrade their levels and abilities until they are the ultimate zombie slayers. Build exclusive team squad according to the features of the different levels. Explore the major areas to eliminate various attributes of zombies and save the survivors in crisis.

Game Features:
One-finger operation& Auto-aim mechanism for exciting harvesting pleasure
The game has super intuitive control. The heroes can automatically shoot enemies and automatically release their abilities when the energy set is full. You can endless harvest enemies, face off against 1000+ zombies at once and exterminate them with one-hand controls. Enjoy the thrilling feeling of clearing the map!

Doomsday Survival2-Zombie Game

Various roguelite skill experience with unlimited combinations
The zombies keep coming, any misstep can leave you devoured by a horde of zombies. For survival, you can obtain different random skills and combine them to have countless possibilities. Proper abilities combo and fast level ups can enhance your combat ability and expand your advantage to guarantee your chance of winning in this zombie shooting game.Enjoy thrilling action survival and epic killing challenge!

Doomsday Survival2-Zombie Game

Recruit new heroes with unique abilities to build your team
You are not alone in the battle, you need to fight alongside other heroes to survive. Each heroes comes with their own unique abilities and weapons to deal with zombies. Recruit new survivor heroes to your team, level them up and develop their abilities until they become the ultimate zombie slayers!

Doomsday Survival2-Zombie Game

Tense and exciting boss battle, a wide variety of monster types
There are powerful mutant leaders among the zombies and their abilities are terrifying. Each boss is very dangerous with different attack skills and patterns. If you can not master the ways to dodge away from their attacks, you can only have game over ending.

Varied map scenes, 3D realistic animation, full of fresh visual experience
Each area has a different scenario map, do you prefer to fight at night or in the daytime? Unique and awesome heroes, different style of zombie bosses and 3d battle effects, bring you the ultimate visual experience and the true coolness of this zombie shooting game!

Available: Google Play – USA

Doomsday Survival2-Zombie Game

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