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Doomsday Survivors (Cn)

Early Access(New Test)+Apk(Tap)

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Doomsday Survivors

At 21:05:32 on March 27, 2078,

when this guy appeared, the world is heading towards the end.

The monstrous firelight replaced the feasts and banquets of the past, a desperate cry destroyed the old order and civilization, and everything familiar became strange and desperate.


The walking dead became the masters of the world, the highest link in the food chain. The humble people cried and fought, but they were filtered over and over again by these empty monsters of human skin, leaving behind the few survivors of the survival of the fittest.


However, civilization collapsed, production ceased to exist, and increasingly scarce resources for survival exploded again the so-called human nature. People deceive each other, betray each other, fight each other and do whatever they can to survive, and disorder has become a new theme in the world.


Those who fight for the dead are afraid of life, whether in groups or alone, performing stunts, and the survivors who are alive seek the final path of redemption. It’s just that in this post-apocalyptic era, the world revived me. How long can I live?

(1) Initial mode,

escape resurrection game uses the gameplay of the discovery system, freely explore, improve and revive according to the goals of each game. You will rely on your own efforts to deal with the various challenges of saving humanity. Hunger, cold, and mutation can be the challenges and challenges you face in your survival. Of course, you can experience various joys in life by gathering resources, building houses, repairing camp machines, and crafting items. In the end, you will definitely get more help.

(2) Multiplayer battles, work hand in hand

The game has a rich level of content, you can choose a single or multiplayer level mode. Choose your comrades at random to go to the multiplayer level together. In the process, you invite friends to form a team to build a shelter and grow together. Plus, you can also challenge your comrades to see who can be the first to escape the corpses!


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