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Door of the Stars: Fate SAGA

Official Launch(HK, TW)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 星之扉:FATE SAGA (by WEST GKM)

The stars are turning, when the morning light shines through the mist, the splendid sky is filled with the air of nothingness; under the cloud stream, the fragments of the ancient existence are scattered among the stars; suddenly one day, the wrath of the God of Origin makes the earth Collapsing, oceans churning, plants withering… In order to protect the fire of order, the legendary Apocalypse awakens!

[Flying mounts, free air combat of a hundred legionaries]
The whole series of flying mounts has everything, Pegasus Unicorn, Holy Light Griffin, Frost Dragon, Chaos Emperor Dragon, King of Dragons. The greatest apocalypse warrior of “Valgando”, you are flying in the sky with the “Dawn Dragon”, the mount that symbolizes the king, guarding the last pure land of this world.


[Unreal Engine, 3A-quality epic masterpiece]
In order to achieve the best 3D game special effects and realistic visual effects, the game adopts the world’s most advanced Unreal Engine for development and production; Epic duel special effects, all show lifelike.


[Pinch your face with personality to create an exclusive peerless face]
Personalized face pinching system, so that every frame and every adjustment will bring you the pursuit of the perfect character, from face shape, facial features, body and even hair to reveal the atmosphere of personal customization; Yujie, Loli, handsome guy , Uncle… Only you can’t think of it, there’s nothing you can’t do.


[Free skills, a variety of combinations to defeat the enemy to win]
According to Sun Tzu’s Art of War, only by being unexpected can you overcome the enemy and win; you can freely adjust your combat skills for each battle, and you can achieve the greatest effect by creating and suppressing each other. Light, dark, frost, flame, different skill combinations, find the opponent’s weakness and use the most suitable skill combination to make you invincible.

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