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DOSA: Guardians

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 도사: 가디언즈 (by LIFULSE Inc.)

DOSA: Guardians is a mobile collectible RPG game where you train various gurus in an oriental fantasy world.

도사: 가디언즈
도사: 가디언즈

Appointed as the executive officer of the Taoist Department, a special organization that travels across multiple dimensions to eradicate monsters, the player explores various areas invaded by demons, builds relationships with various Taoists, defeats evil monsters, and fights against the conspiracy of the evil force, the ‘Dark Wizard’. You will be approached.

도사: 가디언즈

As the magistrate of the Kingdom of Haewoorum, who recruits and develops Taoists with various charms, thwarts the plots of the Black Taoists, and protects the dimension, your story begins now.

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도사: 가디언즈

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