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Doula Continent: Awakening Soul (CN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android(Tap) | ios(cn)

The description of Doula Continent

“Douluo Dalu: Wuhun Awakening” is a mobile game that strives to truly restore the IP. Here, you will become a traverser like Tang San, travel to the world of Douluo Dalu, and fight with the Shrek Seven Devils. Luo Dalu’s all kinds of characters met and knew each other, became their partners, and worked with them to resolve the crisis in the Douluo world!

[Genuine authorization Douluo IP perfect restoration]

In the game, you will become a spirit master with a god-given spirit, travel to Douluo to create your own story; you will go to the sunset forest to hunt spirit beasts to obtain spirit rings, create your own sect, and go to Star Dou The Great Forest strengthens its Blue Silver Domain, and eventually becomes a Titled Douluo. As for becoming a god, it depends on your own destiny!

Doula Continent: Awakening Soul

[Strategy to win, flexible to change, to defeat the strong]

This must not be the world where krypton gold is king! Like Tang San, you can leapfrog high-power teams or spirit beasts to challenge high-power teams or spirit beasts, and use wisdom to defeat them through flexible lineups, cooperation between teammates, Tang Sect hidden weapons and talent field bonuses, the use of soul bones, etc. ! All in all, this is a strategy-winning game. Use your wisdom to dominate the world of Douluo!

Doula Continent: Awakening Soul

[Exquisite and high-value stand-up painting, cool and super-defying special effects]

If you don’t pretend to be forced, it’s not Douluo Continent. We have not only restored the classic skills in the novel: Entangling, Powerful King Kong Bear, Charm, Qibao Transferring Liuli, etc., but also carefully designed their skills and special effects, playing games like watching animation, and giving you a top visual experience! Of course, there are many small details in the design of Lihui, have you found it?

Doula Continent: Awakening Soul
Doula Continent: Awakening Soul

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