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Dr. Chatelet: Faith

Official Launch – Update – Added Korean language

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dr. Chatelet: Faith (by Loongcheer Game)

Can you imagine that you will go back to the middle ages to be a doctor? Saving people through some absurd medical methods, such as Bleeding the patient even though the patient just has a fever.

About the Game
Dr. Chatelet: Faith is the story-driven AVG game. In the game, you will go back to the late medieval times to experience the evolution of medical science from the perspective of Dr. Chatelet as the main role.

Dr. Chatelet: Faith
Dr. Chatelet: Faith

The main character is Dr.Chatele who graduated from medical school and firmly believed in the correctness of traditional medicine. Dr.Chatele was promoted quickly due to his extraordinary talent and diligence. However, with the accumulation of experience, he has witnessed many situations that cannot be explained by traditional medical theories, such as the unprovoked death of patients and the inability of stopping bleeding. In the conflict with the medical reformist, Dr.Chatelet also learned some new knowledge at variance with the traditional medicine, such as microorganisms, disinfection, and clamps to stop bleeding. All of that was a big shock to him who insisted on the tradition. 
You will be the Dr.Chatele to make a series of choices. Your choices will decide the trends and end of the story. Are you will be a Healing hand or a Killing hand? Are you will be the leader in the medical field to challenge the authority for seeking the truth?

Dr. Chatelet: Faith
Dr. Chatelet: Faith

Game Features
Immersive Visual Novel & Interactive story-driven adventure game
Unique Burtonesque art feature
Knowledge about the medieval medicine science
Choices do matter, Multiple endings. The final of the game depends on you
3 interesting medieval medical treatment mini-games
Famous Classical music BGM
Achievements and Collection

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Dr. Chatelet: Faith
Dr. Chatelet: Faith
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