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Dragon Age M

Official Launch(TH) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dragon Age M (by Archosaur Games)

Dinosaurs are pets that can fly away
Thousands of pets can beg, can fight, and can ride.
Whether it’s the fierce and powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex Ether. Lulu and Phi Phi are cute and playful. Various types of pets are available for you to choose from! Customize the size, color and practice DIY as you want! Three rideable pets, land, sea and air, will freely travel the world with you!

Dragon Age M

Inclement weather Multi-dimensional battles
The ever-changing battle Victory is not just a dream!
Panoramic realistic weather change system Take game strategy to the next level! Beautiful 360 degree view, never miss any exciting moment. Bringing you an unprecedented realistic fighting experience!

Dragon Age M

Family hot spring Social Festive
Hug, rub the back, make the heart beat fast for a moment!
You can enjoy raising animals, growing vegetables, building a house with your friends on a small island. You can also enjoy soaking in hot springs under the starry sky with your friends. Fulfill your wishes!

Dragon Age M

Explore Civilization Explore the fantasy land
Travel freely in the 3D world, realistic CG!
The seven major civilizations create beautiful landscapes full of adventure and surprises. Here, you can enjoy your adventures in the deep-sea Atlan Empire. Conch Bay Islands to welcome you full of exotic Eldorado style There are also Mahaya tribes that come with nature, etc., waiting for you to explore every corner of the world freely!

Highest level of clarity Beautiful and amazing
Cutting-edge technology that transcends eras Presenting the perfect world!
Built with UE4 from generation to generation High definition dynamic skill effects. Make the quality of light and shadow in scenes and characters in the game realistic. Every stunning detail will bring you an awesome experience with no glaring scenes!

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Dragon Age M
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