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Dragon defender: Epic dragon war

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Dragon defender: Epic dragon war (by SOLAR Studio)

Are you ready to defeat all bosses and protect, castle defense? Mow against hordes of dangerous monsters that are attacking your castle by using epic dragons. In a war dragon, evil monsters are invading the Dragons castle to make all dragons extinct. You have to do castle defense to protect the dragons from evil monsters is to use your magic power to boom dragon evolution.

Dragon defender: Epic dragon war

Are you brave enough to enter the world of epic dragons, into the TD strategy with weapons, dramatic dragon war? Join in the legendary defender, dragon battle with various terrains. Every time you complete the mission, the map will be unlocked in a new place.

Enjoy exciting adventures in epic dragons and dragon champions to collect more dragon eggs, hunt treasure and step up to the top 1 leaderboard.

Dragon defender: Epic dragon war

Poison item: Use poison to reduce the power of the dangerous monsters, make them halve their power, and the epic dragon will easily kill them. Protect and steady castle defense. This function is used only once after certain periods. Let’s make the dragon war & dragon champions more dramatic.
Shield item: Join in the war dragon and use the shield to stop the monster waves, make them stop in one place in front of the shield, so that will prolong the time for the epic dragon to easily defeat dangerous monsters and bosses. What are you waiting for? Participate immediately in the dragon war, tower defense (TD), and become a dragon legend. Similar to poison, the shield will also cease to work after some time and then be used after some time. For sure, Dragon champions & dragon battle will bring you great entertainment mommens.

Dragon defender: Epic dragon war

Heal item: Use heal item in the idle defense & war dragon to restore the energy and blood of the epic dragon, make the dragon’s combat and tower defense abilities endless, the monsters are easily eliminated. Usage is similar to poison and shield items.
Critical item
Summon Dragon item: In this dragon champions, It’s great to have more dragon power, right? You will have more power and great ability of the dragon when using the dragon summon item. Rapidly reduce the health of monsters. Join in the dragon battle now.

Each epic dragon carries 1 ultimate skill: earthquake, storm, firestorm, frost. Tower defense (TD), protect your castle by using these skills. Become a glorious dragon warrior legend.

Dragon defender is an ultimate tower defense (TD) game that challenges skilled players like you!
Use our huge variety of powers and abilities to overcome obstacles at various levels.
Your adventure will go through lush forests, snow-covered mountains, and epic desserts:
Many levels with various gameplay modes in this dragon battle
Compete in tournaments to display your tower defense, castle defense skills and win big prizes
Face off against epic bosses including the goblin,…smolder your enemies to victory, become the dragon champions.
A huge variety of enemies offer multiple challenges: Burn your enemy, freeze them, and more with 4 spells to cast in the dragon battle
One of the best tower defense games free on the android market
Fun strategy games and challenges

Dragon defender: Epic dragon war

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