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Dragon Hero. Arrow of Archer

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dragon Hero. Arrow of Archer (by Ants Games Technology)

Arcade game Dragono uses many mechanics. You can find maze and logic puzzles. This is one of the most interesting shooting games and one of the newest addictive games.


Dragono is a labyrinth or maze, where you can choose a hero like archer or hunter. You can solve puzzles & fight with monsters. Auto shooting game

You will be a solo hero who leads legions of armies in a hostile world that decided to kill you. Accept the challenges of various levels, and don’t forget to get extra rewards in the hunter race. It’s your army, you are in charge. Get into mesmerizing battles. You are the only power in this world that can stop the evil to come.

Hit the road, arm yourself with powerful skills and fight as if your life depends on it – remember, endless waves of enemies never give up. If you die, you will have to start all over again. Be careful. Be the hero.

Dragon Hero. Arrow of Archer


Get out of the labyrinth, acquire unique skills, they will help you survive in this new game’s cruel world. Fight your way through obstacles and labyrinths teeming with enemies. Don’t miss your chance. Don’t miss these adventure games.

Team up with millions of other players and fight terrible monsters in this exciting adventure. Upgrade your awesome skills to fight even more successfully with a variety of powerful weapons. Choose whether to fight for gold or for a good cause?

Dragon Hero. Arrow of Archer


Dragono, one of the greatest mining games in the world of scapes you will find a lot of unique features. Addictive gameplay, arcade games, spectacular scapes and breathtaking monster and archero games. Stunning action on your mobile screen. Great atmosphere – an endless journey through different chapters, hunters with arrows look at you. Exciting battles with deadly enemies with special abilities that are just waiting to be defeated. It’s time to fight. It’s time to become a hero. It’s time to defeat the enemies. Get your arrows ready.

Dragon Hero. Arrow of Archer


Create or join an online guild. You can communicate and play with people around the world.
Shooting games like Dragono are new adventure games. You can be archer, hunter or a dragon. Escape from or fight with monsters and pass logic puzzles. Find the way out from the maze & labyrinth. Be the hero in our arcade and addictive game.You will be shooting them.

Dragon Hero. Arrow of Archer

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