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Dragon Idle Adventure

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The description of Dragon Idle Adventure

A mysterious crystal has landed on Dragonshore and everyone has disappeared!

Dragon Idle Adventure

Automate your production with dragons to speed up your spell gathering. Train your dragons by upgrading them with character cards, giving permanent boosts to your habitats. Unlock new realms with each spell cast and explore the surrounding regions. Uncover who is behind these ominous crystals in the Skylands!

Dragon Idle Adventure

But it’ll take the whole village to help!

Join the adventure as Luna and her dragon friend Skala collect magical components for Jenkins, the friendly wizard. With the right combo of spells, his magical device can break the crystal cages and free everyone captured by evil magic across the land!

Unique HABITATS for your dragons to grow and prosper
Special DRAGONS that oversee the production of materials to help you on your quest
AUTOMATED gathering to help you earn limitless gold while you’re away!
EXPLORE the Lowlands, Highlands, and Skylands with each successful level
UNLOCK new cards to aid you in your quest to free the dragons!

Dragon Idle Adventure
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