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Dragon Nest 2

Official Launch – China+Apk(TAP)

The description of Dragon Nest 2

The spirit of adventure in the Dragon Valley is not sacred, serious, and invincible. Those adventures are the cars that were turned over in the Hailong lair in the lush years, the silly hearts that were committed when the boy first met, the heart of a bloody and middle school who wanted to go over the mountains and go for adventures, always hot and so brilliant .

Dragon Valley 2 is back, and those adventures full of laughter and tears, rolling in the mud and glittering in memory are back.

Youth was very old, and now we are still brave. Dragon Valley 2, Dare 2, Dare to take risks!

“Deep” into the Dragon Valley, dare to “2” dare to take risks

Dragon Nest 2

Singer Zhou Shen became the number one adventurer, visited Altria in person, and led the squad to look for “Shumbling”, and set off!

Multi-professional collocation team fight is more tacit

Dragon Nest 2

Fans of all the fans come true! The sister of the female priest who is sweeter than first love debut! No matter how hard the copy is, accompanied by the female shepherd!

Brand new copy, fighting wisdom and fighting dragon

Dragon Nest 2

“Fire and Fire” is here! The Yilong lair was opened for the first time, pay attention, do not eat too much!

This time, NPC’s wool can also be padded

Dragon Nest 2
Dragon Nest 2
Dragon Nest 2

king? Profiteers? It’s my brother dei! Get the favor of NPC, you will get a special gift, unlock the exclusive store!

Dragon Nest 2

Q Meng’s style continues, art upgrades

Oh, Jiangnan Leather Factory started? Altria ushered in the industrial revolution, the leather-making technology has been greatly upgraded, and the dragon set is even cooler!

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