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Dragon Tiger Gate M

Early access(CN) – CBT + APK

💡 Platform – Android

CBT time: from 06:00 October 6, 2022, to 12:00 October 14, 2022

The description of 龙虎门M:漫画正式授权 (by GAMEONE GROUP LIMITED)

As long as you have justice in your heart, you are Wang Xiaohu in every era! The super-popular Hong Kong manga “Dragon Tiger Gate M” is authorized by the official, a brand-new card turn-based mobile game! Dedicated to creating animation-level original plot pictures, over a hundred dragons and tigers are back! Dragon and tiger hegemony and turf war will be the strongest and the strongest contest, who can become a god in a battle and become famous all over the world! ?

Genuine authorization to reproduce the wonderful story of the new book
Adapted from the god-level Hong Kong comic “New Book of Dragon Tiger Gate”, the classic plot will be presented in animation production, coupled with authentic Cantonese dubbing, so as to create the top audio-visual enjoyment for all Hong Kong comic fans, and let you immerse yourself in the bloody and exciting dragon Humen Martial Arts World!


The strong gathered, over a hundred dragons and tigers, and then fought in the rivers and lakes
In the game, players can freely collect Wang Xiaohu, Huoyun Evil God, Dongfang Zhenlong, Ancestor and other peerless powerhouses that Hong Kong comic fans have talked about so far. And the peerless martial arts of each classic character will also be presented to you one by one through animation!


Dragon and Tiger for hegemony! The World War I was famous all over the world!
The world arena, who dares to call the world invincible! All powerhouses in the game will use their strength to compete for the seats in the world arena “Dragon Tiger Contest” through the arena! Only a well-deserved master can overwhelm the heroes to win the world’s No. 1 throne and become famous all over the world! !


Self-reliance sects compete for territory and hold power!
Every player can join the game or become the leader of a faction on their own! In addition to being able to cooperate to challenge powerful enemies in the martial arts, there is also a real-time “turf war”. Through fierce battles with other players’ forces, fighting for power and territory, you can become the overlord on the rivers and lakes!

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Available: Google Play – MY


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