Dragon War – NFT/P2E

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The description of Dragon War (by dragonwar.io)

Are you ready to become a hero who is commander of the vigorous dragon warriors in Dragon War Game?

Dragon War is a turn-based strategy game with stunning 2D Graphics. Your mission when playing Dragon War is using your mind to observe profoundly and your strategy to sharpen your dragons on the battlefield to enter the fight against enemies and bring more rewards.

Choose your Hero.
Hero is the race that is the commander of Dragons. If there is no hero, there is no leader to make strategies for the team against the enemies. Thus, choose wisely a leader that suits your personality.

Collect and enhance your Dragons.
You need at least 1 dragon to fight in the battle. However, the higher the level is, the harder it gets. Strong monsters, the opponent’s advanced skills push you down. That’s why you need to have more Dragons along with high-skilled Dragons to defeat the enemies.

Explode power to save your dragon town.
Let’s guarantee unparalleled strength in the powerful-muscle-built body of your dragons and be clever to devise a strategy to sharpen your team with enough strength in every mode game. Then ready to destroy all enemies and victory to defend this sacred land.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Dragon War will surprise you with its fascinating modes game and amazing features. Hope to enjoy your best game time with you.

Dragon War - NFT/P2E

Campaign Mode: Start your farm day with 5 classes of Dragons in each fight with enemies, equipped teams, and earn rewards.

Arena: Participate in tournaments with other users as your opponents.

Building: Grant land to build the construction served for collecting resources or strengthening Dragons.

Dragon War - NFT/P2E

Formation: Users can place up to 5 Dragons from your team to deploy them on the Formation. And use them wisely with the benefit of Dragon’s Classes, Elements, and Abilities,… to defeat the enemies. The result of the battle depends a lot on the Dragon’s position in your Battle Formation.

Upgrade: Players will be able to upgrade an existing dragon with a more advanced body part if the quantity and conditions required by the game are met.

Dragon War - NFT/P2E

Release: If in the Dragons team there are unnecessary, redundant, or pre-existing dragons, the player can completely release that dragon to collect body parts and Dragon Stone, which organizes them for a new strategy.

Fusion: A great feature that helps players add more troops to the dragon squad is FUSION, where players will combine 6 different body parts to “cast” into 1 Dragon corresponding dragon species.

Dragon War - NFT/P2E

Combine: This feature is similar to “Breeding” in other traditional games when it allows you to breed and combine many different dragons to form a new Dragon with a higher level.

Inventory: This is a feature designed as a chest containing all the items in the game including Dragon stones, Skills, and body parts.

Online Gift: Online is a special feature with the use of giving gifts to players according to each period in Dragon War every day. With each gift received, users can gradually accumulate to use for other purposes such as upgrading construction in Buildings, upgrading dragons, and saving tokens.

Official website https://dragonwar.io/#playnow

Official Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/dragonwar.io

Dragon War - NFT/P2E

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