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Dragon War

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The description of Dragon War

GIGA Dragon War: The Battle of The Divine Dragons tells an illustrious story of divine and mythical creatures. Awaken the slumbering dragon to enter the world of the ancient beings! Summon a cute and helpful partner to assist you on the battlefield!

Strengthen your characters with invincible equipment to conquer the cross-server war mode!

Divine Dragon
Find the legendary slumbering Divine Dragon.
Awaken, evolve, and customize your dragon’s skills!

 Dragon War

Divine Partner
Train and build the most powerful companion!
Unlock their special skills to get various buffs in battles.

 Dragon War

Divine Spirit
Collect Spirit Fragments to transform into unique monsters.
Choose alternately between monster skills to beat your enemies!

 Dragon War

Divine Equipment
Switch between jobs and equip gears with amazing abilities!
Emerge victorious in your own personal style.

 Dragon War

Divine Battles
Play various PvP competitive modes, from 1 VS 1 to 3 VS 3!
Gather your friends, build a party and witness the legendary Dragon fight in both single and cross-server environment!

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 Dragon War
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