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Dragon X Queen: The Battle of Exile

Early access(Beta Global) + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

English – No Full

The description of Dragon X Queen (by LTGAMES GLOBAL)

Dragon X Queen: The Battle of Exile is a fantasy idle RPG that follows the adventures of young girls and boys on the Edevis Land of another world.
Adventurers will enter the Land of Edevis, exploring and traveling in more than ten different countries and cities with different cultures. By defeating enemies on the way, making friends, and expanding the adventuring team, they will find the truth behind the fearsome black totem.

The game is still in beta. We welcome you to give us your valuable suggestions for improvement after you have experienced it.

Enjoy the drama as you play
No need to work hard to clear levels. Resources can be obtained automatically offline. Can’t get through the level? Get some sleep and fight again! Just tap the screen to complete the simple battle setup, then enjoy the gorgeous skills and special effects brought by the characters. Enjoy the friendship and conspiracy through a thrilling fantasy story.

Dragon X Queen: The Battle of Exile

Journey together to build friendships
Meet new friends during the adventure. A large number of young boys and girls are waiting to meet adventurers. Use various formations to make the most of friends and defeat the magic in the adventure.

Dragon X Queen: The Battle of Exile

Skill deployment shows strategies
Adventurers can make friends to get to know each other’s skills. Learn the enemy’s details in advance and adjust the order of skills before each battle. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. Strategic card-placing is essential to whether you can move forward smoothly in the battle.

Dragon X Queen: The Battle of Exile

Explore as you wish and enjoy
There are various random maps in the game for players to explore. Different random events happen during the day and night. Rewards, buffs, and monsters appear at random. Collect information points, decode the mechanisms, clear the mystery and reach the end!

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Dragon X Queen: The Battle of Exile
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