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Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Official Launch – Global + APK | Gift Codes

💡 Platform – Android, iOS, PC, Steam

The description of Dragonheir: Silent Gods (by SgraStudio)

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an open-world high-fantasy RPG that puts you in control of over 200 heroes. In the multiversal adventure, you’ll experience strategic combat like never before, where every move counts, and every decision could be the difference between victory and defeat.
With rolling dice and seasonal multiversal content, Dragonheir keeps things fresh and exciting, offering endless possibilities for adventure and exploration.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Collect Powerful Heroes
Iskalland Dwarves, Death Knights, Orcs, Plain Humans, and Dark Elves…
Recruit the best heroes of different races and classes to create your own team consisting of Sorcerers, Knights, Elves, Undead, Dwarves, and Orcs, develop strategies against the Bosses of different attributes, and finally be a legend!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Defeat the Dungeon Bosses
“Defeat the epic Dungeon Bosses while experiencing breakthrough gameplay through exciting battles.
Loot for surprise drops, and then send your best squad to defeat the Dungeon Boss again to obtain even more powerful equipment.”

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Semi-Real-Time Strategy Combat
Innovative semi-real-time combat is available at your disposal. Players can use the various deployment and positioning strategies ahead of battle to effectively restrain and eliminate opponents. Real-time in-battle control strategies such as focused fire and skill combos, as well as grid spellcasting that offers a wide hit range are all available to provide players with different strategies and play-styles.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Experience Movie-Like Branching Storytelling Through Highly Free Sandbox Exploration
A fantastical, grand epic is awaiting you.
Players can freely adventure in diversified sandboxes featuring ice fields, underground areas, forests, and plains, and experience unique puzzle-solving gameplay, as well as map events, treasure maps, caves, dungeons, and more. You can obtain exclusive treasures and complete the main story in a movie-like experience. Moreover, you can interact with NPCs in various ways by rolling the dice, where you can steal, trade, combat, and persuade, as well as recruit legendary NPCs to join your team.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Next-Generation 3D Classical Aesthetic Style
Inspired deeply by the exquisite retro aesthetic flair, the art is powered by high-quality next-generation 3D technology. The clothing and characteristics of different races have been realistically imagined and presented to build a real and lifelike world of swords and magic.
The grand settings along with the exquisitely rendered 3D hero models present a classical artwork with amazing details and texture. The combat scenes are action-packed, in which you can enjoy thousands of dazzling skill effects and attack animations.

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Dragonheir: Silent Gods

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