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Dream World Epic Escape

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dream World Epic Escape (by Dreamzzz corp.)

One unhappy day Uncle Serg went out for a walk and accidentally fell into a sewer manhole. And ended up in a mysterious place. It was a Dream World.

Dream World Epic Escape

Old school 2D platformer in the spirit of the good old 8-bit and 16-bit games of the 1990s with new graphics! Discover this new wonderful cartoon world!

The game with elements of metroidvania and roguelike.
Over three hours of gameplay! Over ten levels done and more to come!

Dream World Epic Escape

Any portrait or landscape orientation of the screen!

Simple and intuitive control by one or two hands! When playing with two hands, the screen feels like a good old classic controller. But sometimes it seems that it is even more convenient to play with one hand. Forget about the brake and buggy control using crutches in the form of ugly buttons on the screen! It’s like a revolution in mobile games. Just trust and try it!

Dream World Epic Escape

Any thumb Control:
Run – move Left or Right
Jump – move Up
Seat and look down – move Down
Crawl – Down and Side
Jump off – Down and Up rapidly
Take or Put the Bomb – Double Tap
Change the Bomb – One Tap
Retry – Tap and Hold a few seconds

Dream World Epic Escape
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