Dropping Rocks: Bombing Blocks

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The description of Dropping Rocks: Bombing Blocks (by upjers GmbH)

With a wooden leg, an eye patch and lots of cannonballs, you’ll go into the pirate battle in Dropping Rocks: Bombing Blocks. The goal is to destroy the enemy island!

Your own pirate island will grow block by block and will soon have room for defense systems and factories for missiles. With these you load your airship and set off for the enemy…

Battle for pirate islands

Your opponents have, of course, built sturdy walls and ramparts around their own facilities. You have to destroy them with your missiles. You have a certain number of attempts per opponent to raze his buildings to the ground. The cannonballs are fired via the touchscreen of your smartphone: You determine the direction and the firing power of the missile. Aim at the right spot of a block to inflict maximum damage to the building. Depending on the nature of your opponent’s factories and walls, sometimes long straight missiles will help – sometimes cannonballs will hit the facilities from above in a high arc. Do you have the right sensibility for this ranged combat?

Dropping Rocks: Bombing Blocks

Who will keep the upper hand in the fantasy game?

Of course, your opponents can – and will – also pay a “visit” to your pirate island. They will also bring missiles and try to destroy you and your buildings. Therefore, you should make sure that your buildings and defenses are sturdy. Depending on how you arrange the blocks and choose the shape of your walls, they will be more or less stable. You will know how well you have built your defensive walls when an enemy attacks you. In the best case, only a block will fall down – in the worst case, an island will be flattened. Prepare well for the battle!

Dropping Rocks: Bombing Blocks

Ranged combat with cannonballs

In Dropping Rocks: Bombing Blocks you can choose your own targets. On a fantasy map you’ll see the enemies’ islands and their levels. Your mission is predetermined – this also includes the number of moves or missiles you have for the battle. Once you have chosen your target, your pirate ship sails off to the enemy. By leveling up your airship and the factories on your island, you can increase their capacities. For example, a ship with more cargo space will be able to hold more cannonballs, so you can fire more missiles at your opponents. If you level up your missiles factories, they will produce cannonballs faster, so you can return to ranged combat in a shorter time.

Dropping Rocks: Bombing Blocks

Available: Google Play – UK

Dropping Rocks: Bombing Blocks

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