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Duel Arena – Hero Battle Game

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The description of Duel Arena – Hero Battle Game

The most exciting strategy dueling hero PVP battler game of 2020!

To the battlefield commander! Join the fight in this epic turn-based battler and duel your way to victory. Each decision you make can turn the tide of battle to crush your opponents in Duel Arena – Hero Battle Game.

Duel Arena - Hero Battle Game

Pick your team of duelists from 30+ unique Heroes and Monsters, each with special abilities to blast your enemies into the dirt! Duel against real players at your own pace. Put together your team of units of only the fiercest fighters and secure your victory! But beware – you never know what your opponent will bring to the duel and only one can be the victor!

Duel Arena - Hero Battle Game

Love PvP strategy? Want a duel game with skill and strategic abilities? Then look no further. Duel Arena – Hero Battle Game allows you to battle against real players where you can synergize your team, upgrade your heroes, unlock powerful abilities, and strategize your way to the top! Enjoy hours of fun and adventure planning the perfect duels!

Duel Arena – Hero Battle Game features:
– Player versus Player matches at your own pace!
– Earn epic chests full of loot and collect unique new units!
– Upgrade your units to unlock new abilities and strengthen your ranks!
– Command the ultimate team in the arena and defeat any who stand in your way
– Slay enemies to win special Slayer Rewards!
– Join a clan or form your own. Share units and build your community!
– Simple to learn battle mechanics with layered strategy
– Optimize your team for 5v5 PVP Battles
– Addictive, fast-paced duels with challenging decisions
– Competitive ladder with monthly seasons and season rewards!

Duel Arena – Hero Battle Game is a must-have for any auto-battler or strategy enthusiasts. With players all around the world, duel anytime, your way, your speed! Duel Arena – Hero Battle Game is perfect for all ages! Download Duel Arena – Hero Battle Game now for free and get on board for many exciting duels! (PVP).

Duel Arena - Hero Battle Game
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