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Duel: Light vs. Darkness

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Duel: Light vs. Darkness

Duel: Light vs. Darkness is an MMO RPG multiplayer online mobile game. The game is based on a magical style. The three major professions fully satisfy your preferences, and each character has different attribute skills.

Game features
Simple operation, easy battle
The game not only has manual operation combat, but also has an automatic combat system, allowing you to get rid of the boring and tedious combat process.

Duel: Light vs. Darkness

Epic boss, waiting for you to challenge
The powerful evil dragon, the agile queen of the night, the huge three-headed dog of hell, the ancient gods. . . Dozens of well-designed bosses are waiting for you to challenge!

Duel: Light vs. Darkness

Variety of shapes, DIY personality
The game provides dozens of exquisite fashions and mounts. When all pets and mounts are developed to a certain stage, their form will change. Customization is only your character!

Duel: Light vs. Darkness
Duel: Light vs. Darkness

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