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Dungeon Brave

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Dungeon Brave

Repetitive killing is boring?
Nordic warriors fully automatic upgrade!

Dungeon Brave

Lack of gold coins and diamonds?
Free gold coins and diamonds make you soft!

No time to play games?
Offline hang-up allows you to continue fighting, just stop…not…come down!

Dungeon Brave

“”Dungeon Brave”” is a Nordic style idle casual role-playing on-hook game. Players will play as a Nordic warrior and challenge the strongest gods with the strongest weapons.
The fresh gameplay is not tiring, the exquisite graphics and exciting combat experience only bring you a rich game experience.

Dungeon Brave

Game features:
Exquisite Nordic background. Click anywhere to kill monsters rushing towards you
Casual gameplay, passionate battles, and well-designed levels.

Upgrade equipment to improve combat effectiveness. Cool transcendence and rune gameplay.

Unleash big moves to strengthen attack power. Summon a fairy to help you.
On-hook gameplay and story mode are perfectly integrated.
Multi-threaded growth system.

Dungeon Brave
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