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Dungeon Fantasy (CN)


The description of Dungeon Fantasy

Everything was caused by the chaos of the Obelisk…

Legend has it that the tower of the sky will rise up and tame the elements to protect the world.

The peculiar power radiates outward through the obelisk that stands in the center of the earth, supporting a solid continent and blessing the tribes who struggled to survive before the natural divine power.

You will play as a new adventurer whose home is destroyed under the orc’s hoof, take a blue feather bird to open the elemental gate, and break into the conspiracy to change the world…

Dungeon Fantasy (CN)

“Avatar System, Variety of Shapes”
• Abundant outfits and shapes can be matched at will to create your own character!
• Exquisite Japanese style, leading Live 2D technology in the industry, vividly show the action details of characters and monsters in each battle!

Dungeon Fantasy (CN)

“Multiple combat, extreme strategy”
• 8 different professions with different positions, such as Berserker, Assassin, Nun, Ranger, Elementalist, and freely match your legendary team
• Fire system, nature system, water system, light system and dark system
• Each occupation has its own 12 combat cards with different functions

“Fun Easter Eggs, Passing the Challenge”
• A variety of eggs are buried on the adventure road: the treasure trove of space-time travellers, “White’s struggle” dropped by orcs, the familiar wood town of Ximu, etc… Finding the eggs and retrieving the past beauty Memories, full of surprises.
• There will also be random encounters with strange (spoof) adventures. Every decision will affect the next encounter. You will paint the scenery on this adventure.

Dungeon Fantasy (CN)

“Magic weapon, free to build”
• Cool glowing special effects, personalized weapon shapes, unique attack effects, freely highlight your fighting style.
• Weapon appraisal will randomly generate equipment attributes, and some epic weapons carry gorgeous exclusive skills.

Dungeon Fantasy (CN)

“Leisure, easy to develop”
• Send an investigation team to explore adventures, you can get offline income, equipment, experience, gold coins all!
• A lot of good health willful delivery, good health gets soft.

Dungeon Fantasy (CN)

“Roguelite RPG, random combination”
• 8 occupations, 4 races, 5 elements, randomly arranged and combined to generate unique mercenaries, each time the mercenary summons are never repeated!
• Innovatively combine Roguelite, adventure RPG and card elements to create your own team and explore adventure in the randomly generated dungeon maze!

Dungeon Fantasy (CN)
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