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Dungeon Farmer

Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dungeon Farmer (by vaanlab)

– Monster nurturing farm game and dungeon defense at once!

– Manage your grandfather’s farm and collect villagers.

– Fend off the invasion of monsters by cultivating powerful plants.

– Where are the seeds of legend?

Dungeon Farmer

Stronger by compatibility with monsters!
The five elements of fire, water, earth, and light and darkness affect monsters.
Choose a plant with a favorable aptitude and go into battle.

Dungeon Farmer

Can’t move, but I need it!
Plants rooted in the earth have powerful properties.
Identify the characteristics and attack the adventure.

Dungeon Farmer

Easy with auto function
Dungeon adventure provides auto function by default.
But they are more terrifying than the players.
Please use it in an area where there is an overwhelming power difference.

Dungeon Farmer
Dungeon Farmer
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