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Dungeon Knight

Soft Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dungeon Knight (by TouchJoy)

Dungeon Knight is a very simple to learn and play roguelike action game.
Level up your character, hunt for treasure and, above all, survive as long as you can!
Create unstoppable combinations of skills and weapon to help you defeat monsters and demons.Random skills and powerful pets will help you crawl these dungeons.
Enjoy your easy but thrilling adventure!
This abyss dungeons needs a savior! (Yup, that would be you.) The hero hunt for gold and glory!

Dungeon Knight

addictive roguelike gameplay: endless gameplay with randomly!
Quick dungeon Challenges: you’ll never get bored!
A variety of battle skills: can you find the killer-combo?
Unlock unique weapons: grinding, upgrading and choosing your sets!
Hundreds of monsters and difficult bosses: waiting to be explored!
High-quality 3D graphics: fantasy world and powerful skills!

Dungeon Knight
Dungeon Knight
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