Dungeon Of Three Man

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dungeon Of Three Man (by Walkon Studio)

Three characters team up to hunt monsters.
Cultivate your character and clear the stage!

Suddenly one day! Friends who fell into the dungeon
Clear the dungeon and return to reality!

All hunting is automatic!

Berserker (Defense)
Take the lead and annihilate enemies with strong attack and defense power.
Attacks enemies very quickly in Berserker mode.

Dungeon Of Three Man

Warlord (Defense)
Blocks enemy attacks with a huge shield and deals with enemies with various wide-area skills.

Assassin (Attack)
Attacks enemies with powerful attack power and various stun skills.
It has high evasion and is sometimes used for defense.

Dungeon Of Three Man

Wizard (Attack)
Burn enemies with fire attacks or freeze enemies with ice attacks.
Sometimes it attacks enemies with an electric attack.
It is characterized by powerful wide-area magic.

Archer (Attack)
Defeat enemies with magic arrows from a distance.
Piercing Arrow, Multi Arrow, Electric Arrow, Concentrated Saturation!!

Dungeon Of Three Man

Saint (Support)
As a healer, heal injured allies.
Protect allies with various shield skills.
He also possesses powerful magic skills.
Adjust your skills to suit the situation.

Dungeon Of Three Man

Plague Shaman (Support)
Slowly defeat enemies with plague and dark magic.
Fire magic instantly annihilates enemies.
It has healing and powerful party member buff skills.

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Dungeon Of Three Man

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