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Mythic Samkok – Global

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The description of Dynasty Heroes 2: Arcadia (by EskyfunUSA)

The tremendously popular Samkok RPG, Dynasty Heroes, is back again as Dynasty Heroes 2: Arcadia, summoning all game fans of three kingdoms!

Game Features
Abundant tactical play
Make good use of hero bonds and awaken unique combos as you overcome each of your adversaries.
No useless hero, but the best combinations! Explore each faction of Wei, Shu, Wu, Han to find out the knack to win battles.

Dynasty Heroes 2: Arcadia

Change lineup hassle-free
No worries about a waste of materials! With one tap to replace your hero and change lineup, all equipment and resources are inherited.

Dynasty Heroes 2: Arcadia

Relive fun historical samkok scenarios
Various daily quests for you to relive the everyday of three kingdoms and offer tons of rewards!
Planting, fishing, gathering herbs, reciting poems… Gain resources and stamina through interesting quests. No more dull grinding!

Dynasty Heroes 2: Arcadia

Socialize with heroes for more
Explore the map, and experience vivid quests such as Seven captures of Meng Huo, that stow Samkok history in the palm of your hand.
Guild boss fighting and more great PVE, PVP gameplay are waiting! Let’s roam in the chaotic samkok!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialDH2A
Discord: https://discord.gg/Cc8Cpm5puQ

Dynasty Heroes 2: Arcadia

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