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Dynasty Legend:Final Warrior

Official Launch(Global)+Apk

The description of Dynasty Legend:Final Warrior

Fight for your country
Wei, Shu, and Wu, three kingdoms to invites you to join them!
To live or die in your country, who can rule the world?

Dynasty Legend:Final Warrior

the Three Kingdoms help you unify the hegemony.
Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, Zhao Yun and other famous generals are all at your command
General Bonds & tactics will boost your power
Find the enemy’s weakness, and even a pawn can be able to defeat the generals.

Dynasty Legend:Final Warrior

Social & Guild System
Strong ties, forming the ultimate guild;
Seamlessly cooperate to build an unbeatable legend!

Dynasty Legend:Final Warrior

Strategy is more important than force.
Deduce the law of existence in war.
Use the terrain and weather to fight with the enemy.
Use your tactics to achieve your glory.

to Be the best master
Planning sites, hoarding resources.
To develop culture and promote technology.
Establish your own dynasty.

Dynasty Legend:Final Warrior
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