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Eden’s Door – Edentobi Harmonia (Jp)

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The description of Eden’s Door – Edentobi Harmonia – Edentobi Harmonia (エデンの扉)

God disappeared, leaving only a legend that he could not understand.
An army of angels led by the angel Gabriel went to war and painted the peaceful skies red in war.
The sacred chamber lurked in darkness and dragged people into the swamp of suspicion and the struggle for resources.
On the other hand, Satan in Hell opened his eyes in the dark and stared at them …

The “catastrophe” of the mysterious blue-haired girl starts the movement of three world gears.
Let’s go on a journey to find Eden!

“With you, I’m sure you can go beyond the truth (Eden).”

The role-playing game for smartphones “Door of Eden” is simply amazing here!

A character full of personality
The characters, divided into three main orders: Makina, Abyss and Saints, intersect on their way to different destinies and ideals.
As you develop the cards, the story of the protagonist and the story of each character’s connection will be revealed, and let’s get to know this story with them on an adventure trip!
Plus, the production of popular voice actors will bring unique characters to life!


Beautiful graphics that create a steamy fantasy
High quality graphics with powerful and beautiful still images and a variety of CG character graphics. Let’s enjoy the card game development with a sense of realism that will give you goosebumps!
You can also try high quality 3D battle scenes for free!


Simple and free management
The operations required for action games are extremely simple, but the combat experience is a full blown 3D RPG game itself!
You can freely combine skills, so how to fight is up to you.
Enjoy a great and addicting real-time RPG optimized for smartphones!


A unique worldview with a sacred song theme.
Time-displacement to the 18th century with a super-original script adapted from Kamikyoku!
Enjoy large amounts of authentic Steam history for free!
Embark on an adventure to Helvetia with the girls, watch the war between humans, angels and demons and enjoy in real time!

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Edentobi_info?s=20


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