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Egon: Inferna Bellum

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 에곤 : 인페르나 벨룸 (by 주식회사 아이톡시)

One fate, a great war. Egon: inferna bellum

An MMORPG where you play endless confrontations and wars!
Individual PvP and large-scale battles between groups
Dominate the world and enjoy huge profits.

에곤 : 인페르나 벨룸

Gorgeous action, overwhelming feeling of hitting

It provides the fun of differentiated battles of 6 classes full of personality.
You can enjoy a more thrilling feeling of hitting through job change.

에곤 : 인페르나 벨룸

Overwhelming scale subjugation content

Attack the bosses with strategic controls!
Guilds united in fierce raid battles
Fight together to claim great rewards.

에곤 : 인페르나 벨룸

Battlefield helper, Marion

With Marion, a reliable partner for adventure
Experience more than battle.

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에곤 : 인페르나 벨룸
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