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Element 9 (KR)

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The description of Element 9 (엘리먼트9)

The endless invasion of monsters, the emergence of robots, the new power of mankind to counter it!
Embark on a dynamic adventure in the world of toys!

Super limited collaboration! Taekwon V attack started
The thrill of riding and controlling our hero Taekwon V!
Collect/raise various super power robots to win the battle


A unique feeling of hitting! Gorgeous combat action!
Five billion combo attacks,
Pleasant and intense hitting feeling. Reversal skills emanating from cuteness!
Experience the splendor of battle completed with an overwhelming sense of blow


Focus on your eyes! A feast of unique vehicles
A collection of new and mysterious vehicles such as snails, unicorns, motorcycles, turkeys and more!
Enjoy the fun of choosing a unique ride to your liking


Healing with graphics! Fairy tale graphics
PC-level unique and cute cartoon rendering graphics
Discover incredibly detailed and finished details


Anything is fun! Infinite Content
Full of various contents!!
Party dungeons, space and time battles, 3V3 stadiums, treasure maps, love and marriage systems!
Even together! Even alone! Have fun without getting bored

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