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Element Blade

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The description of Element Blade

Introduction of Element Blade

Wake up your sleeping instincts to fight!

Everything of Element Blade starts with your own choice.

Element Blade 4 Rules

Element Blade
Element Blade

Clause 1 A monster that kills a Hero is sentenced to death.

Clause 2 The monster that stole the Hero’s equipment shall become the Hero’s pet.

Clause 3 The monster that injured the Hero shall repay with an item.

Clause 4 The monster that got up early shall be killed by the Hero first.

In the Element Blade, 4 Rules must be observed.

A dream match that transcends time and space

Element Blade
Element Blade

Never existed, Unexpected RPG in 2020!

Will you be a mythical demon blessed by the fallen gods?

Or are you going to be the Hero of an obvious story?Choose your own story!

Element Blade
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